Produced by Natalia Susoeff, Patrick Russ
Lyrics and music by Patrick Noel Russ
Recorded at Natalia’s Studio, San Ramon, California and Audio Voyage, Livermore, California
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar: Patrick Noel Russ
Flute: Robin DeMartini
Keyboard, Percussion, Background Vocals: Natalia Susoeff
Drums, Whistle, Background Vocals: Ray Merrill
Bass: Neil Bellenie


Dance in the Hall

Grass growing in the cracks in the sidewalks
Doesn't bother us at all
We're laughing at the rain and the thunder
We're having a ball

‘Cause falling in love is like a dance in the hall
To an old melody you know
All of your troubles don't matter at all
We're just dancing
We're just spinning
Hello world
We're just dancing
And spinning round the floor

No matter ‘bout the wet and the weather
We’re just skipping down the street
We’re just happy we’re together
Everything is just so sweet


She waits for me inside the front door
Says take my hand and share a smile
I hold her close we step slowly ‘round the floor
We sway together for awhile