1. Close to Me

Produced by Brad Barth, Patrick Noel Russ
Lyrics and music by Patrick Noel Russ
Recorded at Audio Voyage, Livermore, California and Treehouse Recording, San Gabriel, California
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo: Patrick Noel Russ
Vocals: Natalia Susoeff
Electric Guitar: Ed Tree
Pedal Steel Guitar: Pat Martinez
Bass Guitar: Neil Bellenie
Drums: Joe O’Loughlin


Close to Me
I'm so far away
So far away from you
I can see you distantly
Though you're so close to me

I’m standing on your doorstep
And you just look away
It cuts me don't you see
When I want you close to me

Rain is tapping on my window
I want you to know
When you are here with me
The world is just complete
I feel the warmth
Of your smile
We don't face the world alone

There is no master plan
There is just me and you
There is no lock no key
I just want you close to me

Don't know where we're going
The end or just the start
No matter where we're heading
You'll always have my heart
For sure.
Who cares where the road goes from here



When I see you need someone
I want to be there at your side
It's better don't you see
With you so close to me
It's better don't you see
With you so close to me