Produced by Natalia Susoeff, Patrick Noel Russ
Lyrics and music by Patrick Noel Russ
Recorded at Natalia’s Studio, San Ramon, California, and Audio Voyage, Livermore, California
Vocals, Guitar: Patrick Noel Russ
Cello: Joe Hebert
Pedal Steel Guitar: Pat Martinez
Background Vocals, Keyboard, Percussion: Natalia Susoeff


I See You

What do I dream about?
When I close my eyes?
How does the future
Shape itself for me?
For me?
When I am dreaming?
What do I see?
What do I see?

Holding hands with you
Staring at the clouds
Sharing the wonders
Only we can see
Only we can see
Holding you tight
We don't face the world alone
Sharing each breath
Only the two of us
Only the two of us


Because I see you
And you see me
And I can see
What the future will be
We'll be together
Not alone
You'll be there when I get home
Not just talking on the phone


Hearing your laugh
At the wonders of the world
Knowing those things
Only we can know
Only we can know
Saying I love you each day
Knowing that we mean it
Always certain of the future
Never doubting for a minute